About Us

Bloodhound® Software is an employee-owned company.  That means we’re literally invested in your success!  Each of our employee-owners is focused on delivering the service and solutions you need. We’re honest, hard-working people who take pride in what we do. 

With over 40 years in the industry, we know how to help you adapt to changing regulations and grow your business with innovative solutions.

Bloodhound® Software is a division of ROYDAN Enterprises, Ltd.

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Meet Your Bloodhound Team


Alex Walters

Support Specialist


Beth Flores

Vice President, Customer Success


James McCollum

Software Developer


Matt Menges

Application DBA


Phil Zemple

Support Specialist


Angie Bednarski

Support Specialist


Bill Rick

System Administrator


Jan Belitz



Megan Manis

Chief Customer Officer


Ryan Manis

Chief Operating Officer


Angie Radaj

Accounting Assistant


Chris Warren

Software Developer


Jason Gillman

Vice President, Technology Solutions


Michele Waack-Perrin

Quality Assurance Analyst


Scott Johnson

Software Developer


Anne Schuette

Documentation Specialist


Jeff Peterson

Senior Support Technician


Mike Charnon



Toua Thao

UI/UX Designer

Our Story

The Beginning - 1980

Dan Hornung founded ROYDAN Enterprises, Ltd. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and began working with local businesses to automate their accounting systems and provide technical expertise.

1983 -1989

The first computerized debt collection solution, known as Collection Agency Manager, was introduced.  As the customer base grew and more automation was added, the software name evolved to Collection Connection and later, Collection 2000.

1990 - 1994

The company held its first user meeting.  During this time, integrated dialing services were added to the software, including auto-dialing and predictive dialing.  ROYDAN also began integrating with third-party vendors to introduce additional collection automation.

1998 - 1999

ROYDAN introduces the Bloodhound® Software brand.  A new Document Imaging feature is introduced, as well as Check Imaging, which allows users to scan checks received for collection and import the images and MICR information into Bloodhound.

2000 - 2004

ROYDAN released Client Web Link, their first-generation client web portal.  They also introduced a suite of check collection products including check verification, check guarantee, RCK, and check-by-phone.  ROYDAN became one of the first companies in the industry to offer cloud hosting services.  In 2004, they moved to their current corporate headquarters. 

2005 - 2010

A new Bloodhound Click-to-Collect® feature is released that streamlines tasks for collectors, providing greater efficiency and consistency.  A consumer web portal known as Debtor Web Link is introduced, allowing consumers to make payments online.  ROYDAN partnered with ISCorp to provide technical support and hosting services to customers

2013 - 2016

An enhanced client web portal known as ClientConnect is introduced, as well as a new reporting solution, ViewPoint.  ROYDAN's corporate structure grew to incorporate key staff as co-owners.  Enhanced tracking of consumer contact information known as Contact Tracker is introduced.

2017 - 2020

ROYDAN enhanced the ViewPoint reporting tool to include data replication and additional reporting capabilities.  A new Data Exchange feature provides a convenient way to import client files.  ROYDAN completed its first SOC 1 Type 2 examination, which is renewed annually.  A new omni-channel communication suite known as Encore is introduced.

2021 - 2022

After more than 40 years in business, ROYDAN CEO Dan Hornung transitioned ownership of the company to the employees.  A new Compliance Rule Builder feature was added to help customers navigate the increasingly complicated industry regulations.  A public API was introduced to provide customers with increased flexibility to connect Bloodhound to other systems.