Partner Spotlight – Eterna a Leader in Compliance Management was founded in 1990 in Atlanta, GA by two former Scientific-Atlanta executives who also co-founded Convergent Media Systems in 1980 (acquired by EDS in 1992). The organization was developed in an effort to create, develop and provide service for training and communication technologies.  This mission continues today as’s software and services are utilized to help a wide variety of businesses educate and train team members.

Our partnership with allows us to provide our customers with their integrated testing application, Eterna, with which debt collection agencies can reinforce their employees’ regulatory knowledge and improve their overall proficiency by incorporating a required test question as they log into the Bloodhound® software system. Upon answering one question at the start of their work day, learners are provided instant feedback to reinforce learning. Management is also able to gain a clearer understanding of learning gaps to aid in team discussions and training sessions.

“Our partnership with allows us to provide customers with a consistent tool to reinforce current compliance regulations and to keep team members’ skills fresh,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Roydan.  “It’s a great complement to our Bloodhound debt collection software system,” she adds

With Eterna’s testing model, collectors can keep their staff up-to-date on a continuous basis.  “Eterna empowers collection agencies to make learning a part of their business routine.  Instead of testing employees once a year, as is the common practice, Eterna delivers a test question every morning when collectors log on,” notes Johan Praats, President of By adapting and individualizing the questions asked of collectors, the system can identify knowledge gaps. This is a very useful tool for training managers to address specific training deficiencies.

“The partnership with and the inclusion of Eterna into Roydan’s already powerful debt collection software solutions allows us to continue offering our customers the tools they need to do their job more efficiently.  In the end, this makes them more effective and ultimately more profitable,” Manis concludes.