ROYDAN Attends 2017 ACA International Fall Forum

From November 1 to 3, members of the Roydan team attended the ACA Fall Forum in Chicago. The annual event offered a comprehensive look at the trends that shape legislative rules and regulations the debt collection industry is currently facing. “The Fall Forum is always an excellent opportunity to hear about the issues that impact the way our customers do business. This allows us to gain crucial input to develop debt collection software solutions that speak directly to those needs,” notes Megan Manis, Roydan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

This year’s Fall Forum not only provided an opportunity for valuable industry education, but also allowed our team to meet directly with customers at our exhibitor booth. “Meeting one-on-one with our customers is always the best part of these events. We always look forward to hearing their business concerns, but we also value the time to really get to know them and learn more about who they are. We want to know them not just as debt collection professionals but also as friends. Events like the Fall Forum give us the opportunity to reconnect and catch up,” Manis adds.

We look forward to implementing the information learned at the ACA Fall Forum in our current and future product development plans as we work to create solutions that will continue to assist our customers in achieving their goals and objectives.