Healthy Initiative 1

Roydan Employees Take the Challenge! Getting Healthy to Be Our Very Best!

In a nutshell, our healthy initiative is an opportunity for everyone at Roydan to take part in healthy activities that will build their body, mind and soul. Team members are encouraged to take part in monthly activities that are either organized or approved by Roydan as well as a host of other opportunities to get out and get moving. Just to make things interesting, each activity is assigned a point value, with team members choosing how much and in what they want to participate. At the end of four months, eight months and one year, we will be awarding prizes for those who have earned the most points.

It has been fun to see the participation as members of our staff head out the door to take lunch hour walks with a co-worker, compete in a company-wide bean bag toss and even take an hour in the morning to attend a yoga class. We also had a chiropractor come in at talk to us about the benefits of holistic medicine and chiropractic care.

Studies have shown that organizations that promote healthy lifestyles enjoy a host of benefits, including higher productivity, less workplace absentees, improved staff morale and even higher levels of employee engagement.  All these internal benefits are also benefits that our customers enjoy as our team members work to provide them the best possible debt collection solutions.

The goal of our healthy initiative is to strengthen our team bond while providing valuable education as well as opportunities to select healthy lifestyle choices. Our hope is that the ideas and activities that are shared, and the new opportunities that are presented will become a way of life.