ROYDAN to Attend Second Annual GLCCA Conference

The Conference will take place on May 21-23, 2018 at Lake Lawn Lodge in Delavan, Wisconsin. In addition to allowing us to connect with our customers, our silver sponsorship gives us the opportunity to support some of the events that will take place at the conference.

“We always look forward to these annual events,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Roydan. “In many ways, it feels like a family reunion of sorts. We value the opportunity to reconnect with our customers and find out what is going on in both their agencies and their personal lives,” she adds.

This customer-centric focus is one of the things that sets Roydan apart. “We put our customer’s needs above all and believe that the networking connections we make at events like the GLCCA Annual Conference allow us to learn more about them and what will help them be more effective,” Manis states.

Megan will also be fulfilling her duties as a GLCCA board member during the conference. “The Annual Conference marks the end of the first year of my three-year term on the GLCCA board. I look forward to connecting with other board members at the event and working together to advocate for our membership. In addition, it Is a privilege to welcome the new members who will be joining the board during the conference,” she notes.

Finally, the conference is an excellent opportunity to learn more about industry happenings that might be impacting our customers. In the end, the information we glean from events such as this allows us to create the most comprehensive product offerings for our customer.