A Roydan Success Story with Valued Customer All State Credit Bureau

All State Credit Bureau has been collecting debts for over half a century. The company was founded in 1958 and although Padalis is the first owner who is not a part of the original Sally family, which founded the organization, he still holds firm to the family’s founding mission which states ‘First Do No Harm.’  “I believe that the care of this agency and the individuals we contact has been entrusted to me, and it is my job to make sure that we continue to uphold this core value,” he notes.

When asked why he chose to upgrade his debt collection software system to Roydan’s Bloodhound software solution, Padalis noted that it all started with the professional relationship he had with Roydan’s founder, Dan Hornung.  “I had gotten to know Dan very well, meeting him at several industry shows and events. He was just a genuinely nice, honest guy. So, when I started looking for a new debt collection software solution, I knew I could trust him.”

While he ultimately decided to use Roydan, Don did his homework and checked out other solutions.  He had experience with other providers as the owner of another agency in the past. “I knew the ins and outs of what makes a software program effective and I knew what I was looking for,” Padalis indicates.  He said his final decision came down to three factors.

The first factor was price. “I looked at other providers, but they were just too expensive and definitely not a better value.” But equally important to Don was trust in the Roydan team. “I knew that Dan would watch out for my interests as well as his own. I didn’t feel that way with many others I encountered who seemed mainly interested in only their own business model.” Finally, Don talked to other satisfied Roydan users. “Ultimately it is about knowing people who are happy with the product. I was satisfied with what others told me.”

From the first encounters with Dan at industry events through the final implementation, Don noted that Roydan really did focus on the needs of his agency above all. “The team really got to know us and our needs. By the time the implementation took place, they had a firm grasp on what we did so that they could, as much as possible, make the Bloodhound product work specifically within our parameters.”

When it came time for the system to go live, Don quickly saw benefit, which quelled any earlier trepidation he might have had. “It is always a scary experience to go live because you never really know what will happen until you flip the switch. We just continued to work through it and were pleased to find that in the end we did not suffer any major revenue losses, which are often common when converting to a new system. I have heard of many agencies that saw a huge revenue downturn when they were in the midst of the learning curve on a new program. For us that was just not the case. So, in that aspect, it has been a huge success.”

Communication with the Roydan team was also a pleasant surprise for Don and his team.  “They had great follow-up after our initial training and gave our collectors reminders regarding some of the details we covered. This was very valuable for them.” Ongoing communication has also exceeded his expectations. “I have had no trouble getting through to support when I have a question and they always go full out to answer any questions.  I have not had the same experience with some of the other software providers I have worked with, so that is very refreshing.”

A good customer experience is at the very core of our principles here at Roydan. We are fortunate to work for such great debt collection companies. And, we consider it an extreme privilege when they pass our name along to others in the industry. Don, who has only been a Roydan customer for a few short months, wasted no time in doing just that.  “I had another agency call me and ask what platform I was using. I didn’t hesitate to tell her about Dan and the Roydan team. I told her that I trusted them and valued the relationship I had with their entire team. In the end, this was the reason that they also signed on with Roydan.

To Don Padalis and the entire All State Credit Bureau team, we say thank you for entrusting us with such an important part of your organization’s operations. We are privileged to call you a valued customer!