Roydan Stands on the Shoulders of Giants – Collaborating Through the Open Source Initiative

Open source software code is made available for others to use, study, change, and distribute to anyone for any purpose. According to the OSI website, the development and sharing of such software has been happening since the start of software development. However, the movement took off in the late 1990’s  with “mainstream recognition of Linux in publications like Forbes and the release of the Netscape browser’s source code.” According to Roydan developer, Brian Muenzenmeyer,‎ Linux is used in 90% of business software applications, including well known Operating Systems such as Apple.  Roydan’s debt collection software solution, Bloodhound, also uses Linux as a core component of its programming.

So, what is the benefit of participating in the OSI for our development team and more importantly, our valued customers? Using open source code allows developers to collaborate with other industry experts, and use or share pieces of code that are not a key proprietary component of their software programs. “It basically means that no one has to reinvent the wheel on pieces of code that are common to many different applications. I borrow from someone for one part of my program and I share other pieces of code that other developers can use to help in their applications,” Muenzenmeyer‎ notes.  “It allows us to make a good thing even better and build our components on top of other proven pieces,” he adds.

Taking part in the OSI is a way that Roydan can give back to the development community while collaborating with some of the best and brightest developers in the business.  “In essence, it allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants who have developed proven pieces of code. We take those components, add them to our programs and then build onto them to create the functionality we need for the purposes of our software solutions,” states Kyle MacDonald, another talented Roydan developer.  “We believe that being a part of the open source community is our responsibility as developers. It allows us to give back. In a world where everything is so closed and private, we are proud to be a part of something that shares information for the common good of all developers. In the end, everyone benefits,” he states.

Another thing that makes Roydan’s participation in the Open Source Initiative so special is that, we are the only debt collection software developer who is taking part in the process.  “We believe that participating in this initiative is our responsibility. We have something that can help other companies and they have source code that can make our software solutions even more effective for our customers,” MacDonald notes.

In the end, our participation within the OSI defines who we are as a company: collaborative, innovative and always working to create the best solutions for our valued customers. Another way we can say at Roydan “We’ve Got You Covered!”