Always Advocating for Our Customers

Also known as ACPAC, the goal of the committee is to support and enrich ACA’s lobbying and political advocacy role in Washington DC. The committee is made up of key individuals from the credit and collection industry. Committee members represent the interests of the ACA’s membership by supporting the candidates who embody pro-business philosophies that will help to elevate the credit and collection industry. ACPAC supports candidates on both sides of the aisle and seeks to create bi-partisan understanding of ACA’s initiatives. They do not, however, contribute to any Presidential campaigns.

According to Dan, “we help to influence the political officials who receive ACPAC support. This allows us to encourage elected officials loyal to the efforts of ACA to get behind legislation that is beneficial for our industry.”

In the past, Dan has been involved in helping to educate political officials on the state of the collection industry through his attendance at the ACA Washington Insights conference. This experience gave him a clearer understanding of the political backing for the collection industry. His role on the ACPAC committee was a natural evolution of his participation in the Washington Insights conference.

Dan believes that his ACPAC involvement is a great benefit to Roydan’s customers. “Working with this committee gives me key insights into legislative happenings that could impact our customers. My goal is to support customers by advocating for their needs. Many of them don’t have the bandwidth to go to Washington DC to meet with their elected representatives and have this important dialogue. I’m able to fill the gap for them in this way.”

Looking forward, Dan hopes that in his time on ACPAC, he can “better articulate to our elected representatives what Roydan customers are saying out in the field, and create some forward movement on bills that advocate for both the consumer and our customers.”