Roydan Welcomes Holly Hoffman to the Team

While Holly is new to Roydan, she is not new to the collection industry. Holly brings over five years’ experience in both an agency setting and analyst role. “With my previous experience in the collection industry, I knew I wanted to stay on that path,” she notes.

In addition to industry knowledge, Holly offers our customers experience specific to Encore, one of the Roydan software solutions. “I have been able to use my previous knowledge in the industry to help further accelerate my training here at Roydan and also be able to assist our users specifically when relating to Encore,” Holly indicates.
She likens her role as a Software Support Technician to putting together a puzzle. “I enjoy being challenged. If I don’t know the answer, I won’t stop digging until I find it.” In fact, it is that passion for problem-solving that drives Holly as she serves the Roydan customer. “I love a good challenge. Whether that be helping an agency create a new IVR that will better fit their business needs, or working through a complex issue they are facing.”

While her past experience with Encore gives her a firm grasp on Roydan’s software solutions, her industry experience provides a unique perspective and understanding regarding what the customer faces on a daily basis. In particular, her role as an agency analyst gives Holly an innate familiarity with the agency workflow. “This is important as it helps me to really connect with the customer and know what they are dealing with in the ‘trenches’ so to speak,” she indicates.

While Holly holds fast to Roydan’s customer-centric mindset, she is also thrilled to be part of the talented pool of Roydan team members. “They are great to work with and the Roydan environment and culture are second to none. I am particularly thankful for the great work/life balance and a leadership philosophy where growth and learning are strongly encouraged,” she reflects.

When she is not helping the valued customers at Roydan, Holly’s is out adventuring with her fiancée and three dogs (Bear, Stella, and Cyrus), or hanging out at her family’s farm.

In her own words, Holly is “glad to be part of the Roydan team and can’t wait to learn more and provide support to all of our users.” We are also glad she has joined the Roydan family, and know our customers will benefit greatly because of her knowledge, tenacity, and can-do attitude. Welcome, Holly!