Customer Spotlight – Oliver Adjustment Company One of the Many Customers That Make Us Thankful

We are honored and privileged to play a small part in their successes as we guide them in the use of new technologies that allow them to be more efficient and effective in their debt collection endeavors. Today we would like to highlight one such client – Oliver Adjustment Company.

Based in Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin, Oliver Adjustment Company has been providing third-party collection services for over 60 years. Utilizing the same debt collection software vendor for nearly two decades, the organization found that they were not getting the personalized service and customized solutions they needed to be effective and increase their productivity. With that, they began their search for a new debt collection software solution.

Enter Roydan Enterprises…located a few short hours north of Oliver’s headquarters, the team at Roydan offered a seamless approach to implementing a new software solution.  “Roydan was tremendously helpful, providing support throughout the entire process,” noted Gloria Gerber, Co-Owner of Oliver Adjustment Company.  “Within two months, everyone was completely comfortable with the new system,” Gerber added.

The end result of this implementation can be summed up in one word – GROWTH. “Since implementing Roydan’s debt collection solutions, we have realized 6% year-over-year revenue growth,” Gerber informs. In a broader perspective, this growth amounts to an increase of nearly one-quarter (24%) in less than five years. Gerber attributes this growth to a more effective collection process. “The system allows us to collect more accounts, more efficiently and to handle an increase in volume of collections with fewer staff…our investment has clearly paid off.”

In addition to increased productivity, Oliver is also taking strides to stay ahead of the curve with regard to compliance issues. Eterna, which is an integrated testing application feature within Roydan’s Bloodhound software program, allows Oliver to reinforce the regulatory knowledge of their employees by requiring them to answer a test question upon login to the collection software program. Both users and management are able to gain a clearer understanding of any learning gaps and work towards increased comprehension through training and internal discussion. “Ensuring compliance is vital in this business, but it can be difficult given the fact that laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing. With Eterna, we are making sure our staff is always aware of those changes,” Gerber notes.

We are so thankful for the success of customers like Oliver Adjustment Company.  At Roydan Enterprises, our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our customers receives personalized attention, resulting in increased satisfaction and increased profitability. If you are not realizing this with your current collection software provider, or just have questions about how our solutions might be of benefit to your agency, please feel free to contact us!