Goodbye and Good Luck to Support Specialist Loan Nguyen!

Loan has proudly and humbly served our customers as a Support Specialist for the past 10 years. Her main job was to assist them in using the Bloodhound debt collection solutions while working with our support team to provide the very best customer experience.

She came to Roydan via her home state of California, and that is where she will be returning as she focuses on spending more time with her family. But Loan notes that she will miss the time she has spent here with her Roydan family. “My family moved to Wisconsin with no relatives or friends in this state. Roydan has become my adopted family and I will miss my co-workers,” she reflects.

Loan has many fond memories of her time as a Support Specialist. When she was learning more about Bloodhound in her early days at Roydan, Loan often found herself telling customers, “I am not sure of the answer to your question, but I will find out and get back to you.” Learning was of the utmost importance to Loan, and she notes that she did not have to use this line very often anymore as she grew to understand our software solutions and our customers.

One of her favorite parts of her role was training the customer and helping them be effective and efficient in using Bloodhound. She also notes that she has enjoyed the camaraderie of the Roydan team in both professional and team building functions. “I have always enjoyed being part of a support team that strives to deliver timely resolutions to the customer. I also enjoy our Roydan ‘happy hours.’ But then who doesn’t?” Loan adds.

As she prepares to take on her new adventures as a retiree, Loan jokes that she will not miss the snow in Wisconsin, but she will miss the people who have made her time here at Roydan and in Wisconsin so special and memorable.

Farewell, Loan! You will be dearly missed by all of us!