NobelBiz Partner Spotlight – Improving Call Effectiveness and Increasing Contact Rates

Message Dialing improves contact rates by dialing a large number of consumers and, if desired, leaving messages without taking up collectors’ time. Predictive Dialing keeps collectors focused on live calls while the dialer processes other call results such as busy signals and no answers according to your pre-determined rules. According to NobelBiz, the use of a predictive dialer with answering machine detection allows agencies to improve their call contact rates by 400% over manual dialing.

The combination of these software solutions is a natural and logical pairing according to Ari Bajaj, Marketing Manager at NobelBiz. “Our philosophy is that our services are all about the customer. We work hard to make the transitions smooth and seamless for them. This thought process is also very much a part of the mission of the Roydan team,” she indicates. Additionally, Bajaj says one of the key goals of the NobelBiz team is to be a compliance solution for their customers. “We want to make sure that we are their source for compliance regulation. This means we must work hard to keep our products up-to-date with the latest compliance standards,” she notes.


For their part, Roydan also believes the customer-centric philosophy of NobelBiz makes them an ideal vendor partner. “Many organizations use the term customer-focused, but the team at NobelBiz lives out these principles in how they design their software solutions,” states Megan Manis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Roydan Enterprises. “At Roydan, we have the same mindset. We are truly all about the customer’s needs. Integrating the NobelBiz predictive dialing and message dialing technology into our Bloodhound® software offers customers another tool to be cost-effective in the collection industry. It helps them to eliminate compliance issues and increase their call productivity. It is a win-win for everyone,” she concludes.

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