Partner Spotlight – ISCorp Serving ROYDAN and Its Customers as a Hosted Service Provider

The search for a reliable application service provider led us to ISCorp, who has been providing specialized hosting services since 1988.  ISCorp is a leading provider of on-demand applications and data processing solutions. Their specialized expertise in building on-demand products provides Roydan and our customers instant access to the latest capabilities. This allows us to focus our time and resources on strategic initiatives instead of daily application management.

The goal of the Roydan and ISCorp partnership is to provide customers with a seamless hosting solution as they utilize Roydan’s debt collection software programs. “This partnership allows Roydan to focus on developing products that will continue to help customers be more productive and profitable, while we concentrate on the network and database related concerns,” notes Steve Brosman, Director of Database Technologies for ISCorp. The relationship also allows Roydan to focus specifically on compliance concerns as they relate to the debt collection industry. “Because of our experience in a variety of industries including financial, education and healthcare, we are able to handle ever-changing audit requirements so our customers can continue to focus on their area of expertise,” Brosman adds.

The relationship also allows Roydan to offer its customers a reliable hosting platform.  “ISCorp continually fine tunes its applications to meet the specific needs of our customers.  This allows us to provide them with the software solutions that best meet their specific needs,” states Jason Gillman, Vice President of Technology Solutions.  “In the end, it is our customers who receive the benefit of this partnership. It allows us to offer them reliability and consistency, which increases productivity and proficiency.”