ROYDAN Enterprises Offers LocalTouch® Calling Capability Through Partnership with NobelBiz

LocalTouch allows debt collectors to contact debtors using a phone number extension from within their local calling area. The use of this local number helps to increase contact rates among collectors. Additionally, because LocalTouch® provides a local call-back number that is automatically routed back to the collection agency, it also increases call-back rates.

“We are excited to offer this increased functionality within our software solutions,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Roydan.  “Because our collection agency customers often call individuals from around the United States, the LocalTouch® option goes far to increase connection rates. Additionally, providing a local call-back number increases the likelihood that the debtor will return a call to the agency.”

The bottom line in adding LocalTouch® to Roydan’s already powerful mix of debt collection software solutions is increased profitability and productivity for the customer.  We believe that this Bloodhound enhancement will do both for our valued customer,” Manis concludes.