RevSpring Partner Spotlight – Providing Effective Tools to Communicate With Account Holders

From analytic information to mail, text, web and telephone based communication options, RevSpring gives the customer a host of tools to increase productivity and efficiency. Adding RevSpring’s notice integration capabilities to our powerful Bloodhound® software program gives collection agencies an effective tool to communicate with their account holders and allows for targeted and personalized communication. This increases the proclivity for customer interaction and a favorable collection response. “Adding RevSpring’s notice integration technology to the Bloodhound® platform gives collection agencies flexibility in how they correspond with the customer and allows them to create account specific messaging. Additionally, because the messaging can be very specifically designed to address the particulars of each individual account, it helps increase customer response and ultimately accelerates revenue generation,” notes Megan Manis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Roydan. According to Richard Turner, Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Accounts Receivable Management at RevSpring, “We have a very customer-centric focus, which is compatible to Roydan’s philosophy. Our goal is to create products that will make the collection agency’s job easier and ultimately improve productivity and profitability. The combination of RevSpring and Bloodhound® is a great example of how we are able to accomplish this goal every day.” “In the end, our relationship with RevSpring is all about offering the customer options. We are thrilled that this partner relationship allows us to meet our customer’s needs in this way,” Manis concludes.

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