Roydan Enterprises Helps Collection Agencies “Beat the Odds”

ROYDAN Enterprises’ new “Beat the Odds” campaign highlights all the ways we have been helping our valued customers since 1985. We understand that there is a great deal of risk in the collections industry. We have been helping our customers keep up-to-date on government regulations and compliance issues while maintaining their competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. This is how we have been running our business from the very beginning.

While there are many software solutions available for collection agencies, our mix of software solutions and a customer-centric focus helps our customers “Beat the Odds” in an increasingly competitive collections environment. While other software providers might indicate that that they have the best software solutions available, often they fail to back up their claims with on-going support. At Roydan, we back our software with an unbeatable customer service team, who make it their job to go the extra mile.

Roydan’s software solutions and support provide customers with the winning combination for success. Customers who utilize our services often find that they are more efficient in their jobs, improve their collection rate and have a more productive staff. The bottom line from this winning combination is a greater profit potential.

The goal of the “Beat the Odds” campaign is to show collections agencies that there is a better way to do business, and the Roydan team has a demonstrated track record of success using the combined efforts of powerful software solutions and first rate customer service.