ROYDAN Attends ACA International Fall Forum November 4-6 in Chicago

With that in mind, several members of the Roydan team recently returned from the ACA International’s Fall Forum that took place in Chicago, Illinois November 4-6, 2015. The event offered an in-depth look at how collection agencies can maximize business effectiveness in a compliance and regulatory heavy environment. “Compliance is a huge issue in the debt collection industry,” notes Megan Manis, Roydan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The ACA conference is an excellent way for us to really hear the regulatory issues that our customers are facing so that we can design debt collection software solutions that speak directly to that need.”

The Fall Forum also allowed Roydan to connect with customers directly and find out more about their specific business concerns. “At Roydan our customers’ success is central our to success, so it is important that we hear directly from them,” Manis indicates. “The ACA Fall Forum is a great way for us to connect with customers and hear first-hand how we can help them be even more successful.”

Other highlights of the ACA event include a comprehensive run-down of ACA’s advocacy efforts, including work with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission and efforts to reform the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

In the end, an event like the ACA Fall Forum allows us to be our very best for our valued customer and is just another way that we can say “We’ve Got You Covered.”