Roydan Welcomes Industry Partner Provana

At Roydan, we believe that our job is not complete until our customer’s job is easier. To that end, we consistently look for industry partners who can help us meet the customer’s most pressing needs. With that in mind, the Roydan team is pleased to announce that we recently began a partnership with Provana to help our customers stay current with ever-changing compliance requirements. This partnership has allowed us to provide our valued customers with compliance support, audit support and support in creating regulation friendly standard operating procedures. The goal is to help agencies reduce costs associated with compliance management.

According to Anne Dannhausen, Manager of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Provana, the partnership with Roydan is a natural fit. “We look to partner with providers who not only have a high quality software platform, but also high quality customers who want to take their agencies to the next level. Working with Roydan is a perfect partnership.”

“Compliance is a hot button issue in the debt collection industry. The regulations are constantly changing, making it almost a full-time job for agencies to keep up. The partnership with Provana allows us to provide our customers with peace-of-mind, knowing that they are in sync with the current legislation,” notes Megan Manis, Roydan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Some of the key components that Provana offers include:

  • Policies & Procedures: Provana helps create a library of standard operating procedures that are regularly revised to adapt to dynamic client and regulatory revisions.
  • Compliance Support: Systematic reviews of the customer’s regulatory guidelines to ensure that operations adhere to the currently defined standards.
  • Audit Support: Provide the customer remote audit support. Through a processing hub, Provana creates a virtual internal audit team, equipped to support a variety of audit and compliance functions.
  • Performance Measurement: Systematic measurement of results to expectations.

“At Roydan, our goal is always to make the customer’s job easier so that their agency is efficient and profitable. Our association with Provana helps agencies stay in step with an ever changing industry without downtime or reduced productivity,” Manis concludes.

For more information about Roydan, Provana or how your agency can stay on top of current compliance rules, please feel free to contact us.