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Roydan Continues Health Focus in 2017 – Getting Lean on the Lakeshore

On January 8, 2017, six Roydan team members joined the Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge. The 100-day weight loss challenge is open to anyone living or working in Manitowoc County who wants to live a healthier lifestyle or is looking to lose weight.

Like our Healthy Initiative, the Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge gives participating teams opportunities to take part in a variety of health related events around Manitowoc County. Events include exercise classes hosted by area trainers and gyms, fitness activities (both indoors and outside), and nutrition and wellness presentations and classes.

In addition to helping participants get “lean”, the name includes a hidden meaning with the idea that we are taking part in the challenge together as a team so we will need to lean on each other throughout the challenge. This means that we encourage each other and also hold our teammates accountable for forward progress.

Health and wellness not only impacts each of the Roydan teammates on a physical level, it also allows them to perform at their very best in other areas of their lives. “We believe that wellness is a crucial component in being able to provide our very best to each other as Roydan team members, but more importantly to our customers,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our team has already had great progress in our efforts. I look forward to seeing how members of ‘team Roydan’ will be impacted as we walk through this challenge over the next several weeks,” she adds.

Stay tuned to find out the results of Roydan’s Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge!