What Happens in Vegas Benefits Our Valued Customers

The event was a combination of educational speakers, breakout sessions and a networking expo. “As always it is so nice to see our customers face-to-face and learn more about the issues that impact their organizations. We consider these times priceless opportunities to really hear what they have to say so we can continue to develop solutions to grow their business,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Roydan. “We also find the speakers to be a valuable source of information. It is so beneficial to hear from leading experts in the debt collection industry who can provide tips, industry insights and best practices from their years of experience,” she adds.

The Spring Forum and Expo offered three educational tracks for participants. These included compliance, healthcare and management within the debt collection industry. “The debt collection industry is constantly changing as regulations and policy become increasingly more stringent. Hearing from experts within these key areas of the industry provides insight into trends as well as tools that allow us to continue advocating for our customers through our debt collection software solutions.” Manis states.

At the end of events like the ACA Spring Forum and Expo, there is always a great deal of debriefing as we determine the key takeaways and areas we can be of service to our customers. We look forward to using the insights we gathered as we continue to power their success both now and well into the future.