Roydan Defines a Central Mission and Vision for the Future

Roydan Mission:

To empower consumer collection agencies

Roydan Vision:

Nurture growth through collaboration with our customers and partners to deliver innovative and compliant solutions and services

Going through the exercise of updating our mission and vision statements gave us the opportunity to consider the foundation on which our organization began, reflect on who we currently are and look to the future as we consider where we are headed. In all of this, our focus never waivers from the importance of nurturing our customers’ success.

According to Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Roydan’s new mission and vision statements give our organization a clear cut path for everything we do. We have always had a customer-centric focus within our business model. Putting this philosophy into a written statement allows us to create clear plans to evolve our processes while being cognizant of these important founding principles.”

At Roydan our priority is to create solutions to empower our customers. This is true whether it is a product development, creating new service offerings or developing future industry partnerships. Everything we do is to help the customer realize their potential, while giving them the tools required for a distinct competitive advantage within a debt collection industry that is becoming increasingly more complex. Our customers are facing increasing regulations, government oversight and compliance issues. Now more than ever, we need to be a resource for them as they wade through a complicated collections environment.

“The best way to fulfill our mission and vision is to develop deep relationships with the customer. This means that we have a clear understanding of their business, their customers, their struggles and their opportunities. Only in knowing these things can we create tools in our product suite to meet both current and future needs,” Manis notes.

Our new mission and vision statements will not change our customer focus or organizational philosophy with regard to the top-notch debt-collection products and customer service we have always provided. It simply gives us the opportunity to unify our efforts as we look toward the future and reminds us of the centralized focus under which we began.