Roydan Earns Microsoft Competency Certifications

With this in mind, in 2013 Roydan started the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner, earning an Application Development competency certification, which was re-certified in 2014. This unique partnership provides our team members access to the most recent Microsoft products, which facilitates the creation of solutions that interact appropriately within the Microsoft platform.

A Microsoft Certified Partnership also offers our team access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.  These include specialized training and learning materials as well as sales and marketing resources. And, because we are required to consistently maintain our certifications, we are on the cutting-edge of the latest Microsoft technological advances.

With the first step of our Microsoft Partner Certification in place, this year our team took their knowledge base one step further by adding competency certifications in the areas of Mobility and Intelligent Systems. These newest certifications confirm that Roydan has demonstrated the ability to create mobile applications that adhere to Microsoft’s standards and that our product programming is compliant with Microsoft’s intelligent design requirements.

These special certifications not only help us to more fully understand current Microsoft products, but they also provide information about upcoming developments. This “insider information” allows the Roydan team to plan future software solution versions that continue to work in tandem with the Microsoft platform. It also makes us a valuable resource for customers when new Microsoft products are released.

Microsoft competency certifications are just one more way that Roydan puts the customer first through forward thinking and preparation. We are eager to continually integrate this knowledge into all the software solutions we offer.

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