Roydan Employee Spotlight – Meet Joe Cohen

Joe Cohen is a home grown Roydan team member who started out as a college intern when he was a student at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. After his internship, he was hired as an application developer with the primary role of writing and testing the code that makes up the Roydan products. As Joe’s position evolved, he stepped into a role that enables him to have key input regarding the functionality and design of Roydan’s debt collection software solutions.

He plays an integral part in product development here at Roydan; helping determine what features should be included in our software solutions. He gleans this information from what he hears from our valued customers and works with the development team to fine-tune the functionality so that it best meets the customer’s needs. “In my job, I help the developer understand how modifying or adding specific functionalities can help make our customers even more successful.”

Joe has a keen understanding of the debt collection agency workflow which enables him to guide our team in designing software that is both user-friendly and efficient. He represents the customer to the developer. “I answer the question ‘why.’ I help our team to understand why an agency needs a specific piece of functionality and why it should be designed a specific way. I am the customer’s voice as we design our programs.”

His favorite part of working at Roydan is working with the customer to create innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the debt collection industry. “I really enjoy having a say in what we develop and how we develop it. Because Roydan is a smaller company, I know what I am doing on a daily basis is really making a difference for our customers.” He also likes providing software solutions that speak directly to the customer’s biggest problems.

When Joe is not helping the Roydan team design the latest product innovations, he enjoys spending time with his wife in their new home. He also volunteers at his church helping out with the youth groups.  They are also excited to announce that they will be welcoming their first child in the upcoming months.

We believe that the skills that Joe brings to the Roydan team as well as our customers make him an invaluable resource for all of us. But Joe shares that he wishes he had just one more “super power.”  “If I could have any super power it would be having the ability to fly. As a child I had dreams that I was flying and I just think it would be a really amazing skill to have.”  I am sure you will agree that even though he cannot fly, Joe has a lot of really amazing skills that he shares daily with both our valued customers and the entire Roydan team!