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ROYDAN Enterprises, Ltd. to Attend Three State Debt Collection Conference

We look forward to talking first-hand to our valued customers and industry partners. This show is the collaborative effort of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota Collectors Associations and brings together industry leaders and solution providers in an effort to provide the latest tools in the collection industry. At Roydan, we see this show as an excellent opportunity to meet with other industry professionals and learn the latest trends, technologies and customer challenges. Through the meeting, we have the ability to learn first-hand about their greatest concerns, discuss industry changes and find out how our products work in real time settings. “The Three-State Show allows us to hear directly from our customers. We are fortunate to learn about their greatest achievements and discuss their concerns. This is all in an effort to provide them with solutions that will enable them to be successful,” notes Megan Manis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Roydan. “We enjoy the opportunity to meet face-to-face and really get a solid understanding of their work environments,” she adds. In addition to hearing from the customer and learning about the latest industry news, this event offers the perfect opportunity to show customers all of the latest innovations offered by Roydan. “We look forward to introducing meeting attendees to some of the newest solutions we have available to help them be even more successful,” Manis concludes.

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