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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with, a leader in compliance management systems, to provide our customers with the integrated testing application, Eterna. The Eterna application allows customers to reinforce an employee’s regulatory knowledge and improve overall proficiency by incorporating a required test question as they log into the Bloodhound software system. With the Eterna application, employees are presented a test question at the start of the work day. They cannot opt out of the question – it must be answered before they can log in. The user will be provided instant feedback as a way to reinforce learning. Additionally, management will gain a clearer understanding of learning gaps, which can serve as a basis for additional employee discussions and training. “This program is an excellent way for agencies to provide consistent reinforcement of current regulations and policies,” notes Megan Manis, Sales and Marketing Manager at Roydan. “The Eterna Testing Application might also provide a significant cost savings with regard to formal compliance management training programs,” she adds. The continual nature of the testing questions is the beauty of the Eterna program. “Eterna is a new way of testing and evaluating an employee’s knowledge of the collection industry. However, instead of testing employees once a year, as is the common practice, Eterna provides a test question every morning when they log into Bloodhound,” notes Johan Praats, President of Over time the system becomes “smart” and focuses questioning in areas of weakness for each employee. “This allows call centers to bridge learning gaps in understanding and ensures that each employee meets current compliance standards,” he adds. The added testing component is being met with positive reviews by current Roydan customers. “We never had a lot of staff questions on compliance but this has sparked discussion when a question arises on Eterna that they didn’t know the answer – a good help for the entire office.” Offering Eterna as part of the Bloodhound collection software system is at the very core of Roydan Enterprises’ founding values – making the collection process easier for the customer. “In the end, the goal of Bloodhound’s Eterna Testing Application is to give our customers the tools they need to be more efficient in their work,” Manis concludes.

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