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Roydan Enterprises Wraps Up Summer Job Shadow with UW-Green Bay Student, Chelsea Rank

I first met Megan in the fall of 2013, as a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. She was my internship supervisor when I was hired by Noon Rotary. Together we were tasked with starting up a Rotaract Club. As we worked together, I started asking her about her career path, and where she currently was working. During the time I was first getting to know Megan, she was promoted from Sales and Marketing Manager to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Since graduating from high school, I have had a strong interest in the communications, public relations and marketing fields. I came to Megan for career advice, asking her about her experience in the marketing field. This conversation led to an invitation to observe Megan this summer as a job shadow for Roydan.

I have savored every experience spent at Roydan. I was able to take part in a variety of valuable hands-on projects, from marketing planning, client and customer contact, meeting skills and management tasks, to assisting with the “We’ve Got You Covered” campaign preparation and launch, writing press releases and blog posts and creating a social media editorial calendar. These tasks provided me with excellent materials from which to build a solid portfolio to show to prospective employers in the future.

I appreciate the one-on-one time I had with each specialist in the various departments at Roydan. They provided me with useful advice, and I enjoyed being able to see what they do on a daily basis.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the whole team at Roydan Enterprises! You have taught me so much, and your positive energy and drive are what I hope to have in my future co-worker culture! Thank you for taking me under your wing, and making me feel so welcome. I attribute any future career success to what I have learned at Roydan.