A Good Time Was Had by All During the Roydan Company Team-Building Mini-Golf Extravaganza!

With that in mind, working together towards a common goal through team-building exercises is a great way to strengthen this bond, In the case of our recent team-building event, the common goal was a bit different than finding efficient software solutions. Instead, the goal was to have the “Best Team Name,” “Best Team Outfit” or the “Lowest Combined Score” in a friendly round of mini golf.

Fourteen members of Roydan formed teams and competed against each other in 18 holes of mini golf at the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center. Spectators on the golf course and at the neighboring aquatic center looked on with amused curiosity as Roydan President and Owner, Dan Hornung, flipped his long blond wig out of the way to swing his golf club (he’s the one in the stunning black and pink dress in the photo!).

A special congratulations is in order for the category winners of the mini golf competition! “Best Team Name” went to Michele and Kyle for their creative play on “Double Bogie,” “Lowest Combined Score” went to Jan and Mike, and “Best Team Outfit” was awarded to Megan and Jeff for their Caddyshack-themed ensemble.

Megan Manis, Roydan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, organized the event as another way to strengthen the bond of Roydan’s team members. We look forward to more team building events down the road, knowing that our customers will ultimately reap the benefits from the special bonds formed at these events. “While we love to take the time to play hard together, we also believe in working hard together to reach the common goal of providing the best possible solutions for our valued customers,” Manis concludes.