Roydan Helps a Little Girl Give Back

Last fall, the daughter of Roydan’s Chief Customer Officer, Megan Manis, and Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Manis, had a health scare that required an ambulance ride to the emergency room. “It was a very frightening moment for all of us. She had been struggling with an upper respiratory infection and for some reason she stopped breathing,” Megan recalls. “This type of medical event is difficult for adults, but when you’re a small child, it’s all the more overwhelming. Addison was really scared and uneasy, not only because she wasn’t feeling the best, but also because of the uncertainty of her surroundings,” she adds.

After the ordeal, when she was fully recovered, Addison came up with a plan. She wanted to make this type of situation easier for other kids. “Addison has a really big heart. She remembered how difficult that day was for her, and she wanted to make sure that other kids didn’t have to feel the same way when they faced a trauma situation,” Megan notes.

Addison’s plan was simple, and one that got to the heart of what makes little kids contented and happy: stuffed animals. “Our kids’ rooms are bursting with stuffed animals. They make them comfortable and provided a bit of security,” Megan notes. “Addison wanted to give that comfort and security to other kids, so she came up with a plan to collect stuffed animals to donate to the Manitowoc Fire Department, the team that cared for her last fall.” Addison decided to start an organization to collect the animals. She named it Kids Helping Kids – an appropriate name for a simple act that will bring a smile to the face of a scared child.

From there, the rest of the process became about logistics. “Stuffed animals can take up a lot of space, so we needed a spot to collect them. Not only was Roydan the perfect drop-off point, but many employees wanted donate as well,” Manis indicates.

When all was said and done, Addison was able to collect over 100 stuffed animals so that other kids might be a little less scared if they were ever in the same situation. And on a sunny day nearly one year after her ambulance ride, Addison delivered them to the Manitowoc Fire Department. “It all came full circle that day. Addison was able to thank them for how they cared for her by doing something that would help over 100 other kids,” Manis commented.

Roydan was thrilled to play a small part in Addison’s huge vision for helping kids. We know this amazing young lady has a bright future ahead of her.