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Roydan Welcomes New Team Member – Introducing James McCollum

He comes to Roydan from his previous position as an ERP software developer at Orion Energy Systems. In this role, he was responsible for building reports and creating new and updating existing functionality within the organization’s ERP software programming. His solutions had an impact on all areas of business from manufacturing, to sales, to warehousing and shipping. James is excited to join the Roydan team because it will allow him to work on a product that is used by an external customer.  “At Orion, the company was my customer and all of the applications I developed were used within the organization. I am looking forward to developing solutions that help customers outside of our organization to be more efficient and profitable,” he notes.

He is looking forward to being a part of a collaborative team approach to development. “It is nice to contribute to the team environment and work with a group of individuals who are open to new and innovative ways of developing applications. They have the mind-set of creating the best possible end product and really look outside the box to develop those solutions.” For his part, James believes that his business background brings a unique perspective to the team and what he is able to contribute. “I can look at things from the accounting or business side, not just as a developer. I consider how this application will help the customer be more profitable, not just the development component of the process. I believe this will give our customers a solution that is balanced in both innovative thinking while considering the impact on the business as a whole.”

When James is not helping develop solutions for Roydan’s customers, he enjoys spending time with his wife, taking part in a host of outdoor activities. Additionally, he is the Property Manager for the Manitowoc Marine Band. In this role, he manages the band-owned instruments and equipment, including repairs and replacement planning. He also leads event set-up and tear-down crews and assists with improvements to fundraising and related processes.

Please join us in welcoming James to the Roydan Team!