Staying a Step Ahead at Progress NEXT

The Progress NEXT Conference gives our team an opportunity to network with other businesses that, like Roydan, use the Progress software architecture to develop their technology solutions. The conference is an excellent resource to learn about valuable technology tools and hear more about future product developments.

Additionally, these types of events allow our team to share what we have learned while utilizing the Progress architecture as we consistently add value to our debt collection software solutions. In an effort to continue this dialogue, Dan was able to participate in a roundtable discussion hosted by ISCorp, Roydan’s network hosting partner.

The discussion, which was entitled “Cloud Craze: Which Cloud Services are right for you?”, provided insight into the growing world of cloud based business practices. It is safe to say that the cloud based organizational structure will not be going away anytime soon. According to Cisco, by 2019 86% of the work conducted within a data center will utilize some sort of cloud based application. The purpose of the roundtable presentation was to offer attendees insights into the most valuable cloud based solutions to use within an OpenEdge business application.

“Cloud based applications are changing the way we conduct business. Understanding how to use this type of technology within current business practices is an important part of staying on the cutting edge as a software solution provider. It was a privilege to be part of the dialogue during this roundtable event. I am looking forward to using the knowledge I gleaned to help our team continue to provide our customer with the very best debt collection solutions,” Dan notes.

In addition, Dan also took part in an informative session with the goal of helping participants to more accurately take advantage of real-time data reporting capabilities. The session specifically addressed how embedding OpenEdge Pro2 into current programming helps organizations acquire more relevant data that could increase revenue streams. “Timely reporting methods are a crucial part of getting ahead in today’s data-rich business environment,” Hornung notes. “Understanding and utilizing technologies that will help capture these analytics goes far in creating robust reporting capabilities and increase income streams,” he concludes.

In the end, the goal of these type of educational opportunities is to bring back tools to help our customers get ahead.  The Progress Next Conference is just one way the Roydan team is able to play an important role in “Powering Your Success!”