The 411 on Roydan’s Scrum Development Approach – Another Way Our Team Puts the Customer First

We recently updated our approach to software development and now utilize Scrum methodology. According to the developers of Scrum, the methodology provides a simple “framework for effective team collaboration on complex projects.” The idea behind the Scrum framework is to create a plan for developing the project using smaller, more easily manageable pieces, with each piece building upon previously created pieces. The ultimate goal of the methodology is to obtain feedback on each piece of the project so that the end product is built using exactly and only what is needed.

In the past, our development process started with a fully documented specification. This information was handed off to a developer for implementation, then to testing and then to documentation. While the process always had the customer in mind, it did not include a great deal of team interaction. The Scrum process uses a team approach. Because the process works through the entire project in smaller parts, it allows the Roydan team to get feedback and address any problem areas in a more timely manner.

The Scrum methodology has a number of benefits for the customer. The process gives everyone involved in the project a greater understanding of how their part of the project affects the entire program. Additionally, our customers and testers have more involvement in product development as well. This ensures that the end product is in line with the customer’s needs and allows us to refine our software solutions to meet those needs in a more direct manner.

We have also found that the Scrum approach has allowed us to bring our software solutions to market at a more rapid pace without compromising the quality of the product. This means that our customers get the latest product functionality earlier and more often. Additionally, if there are any issues with the product, the team approach allows us to catch and address any glitches and bugs at an earlier phase in the development cycle.

In the end, the Scrum development approach allows us to meet the needs of the customer in a more timely manner and create the products needed for a more effective and profitable collection process. For more information on the Scrum process and why it is such a valuable development resource, check out this website.