Using Sea Creatures to Benefit Our Customers

Just over a year and a half ago, the Roydan team started working with a new deployment tool called Octopus Deploy. Our group of gifted software developers customized the application so that at the click of a button, we could send our customers all of the necessary software updates. “Octopus Deploy means that we can be more efficient and do not need to spend hours pushing out code whenever new releases of our software solutions become available for the customer. This saves everyone time and makes us all more effective,” McCollum notes.

During his session, titled “Automating Deployments with Sea Creatures,” James introduced attendees to Octopus Deploy. “Despite its incredible functionality, Octopus Deploy is not a well-known application. My session was designed to provide background about it and help session participants gain a better understanding of how they can utilize it for their deployment needs,” McCollum adds.

Events such as the NEWDUG Code Camp are immensely valuable not only for the developers who attend, but also for Roydan customers. “Not only does this event give Roydan greater visibility among developers, it also gives us the opportunity us to connect with some very talented individuals.” This allows us to collaborate with the top developers in the region as we work to refine and update our debt collection software solutions to meet the constantly changing needs of our customer and debt collection industry. “Everyone benefits from events like this. In addition to allowing us to give back to our community by educating other developers on new ways to be effective in their jobs, it also lets us share our successes so that we can all be our very best,” he adds.

In the end, community involvement like the NEWDUG Code Camp is all for the benefit of our valued customers. “These events give us a platform to collaborate and share best practices. This allows everyone to fine-tune their efforts so that the customer gets the very best,” McCollum concludes.