Vendor Spotlight Advanced Payment Systems Providing Clients with Customized Payment Options

APS specializes in providing payment processing services to a variety of industries. The end goal for each of their solutions is to significantly reduce the cost that the customer incurs.

The integration between Roydan and the APS credit card interface is seamless in both a software development aspect as well as the customer service approach. The addition of the credit card payment option within Bloodhound allows agencies to quickly and conveniently accept payment on their customer accounts directly within the software. Additionally, because both APS and Roydan subscribe to a customer-centric mind-set, they put the customer’s needs first, ensuring that the combination of Bloodhound and the APS credit card interface fit each customer’s specific needs.

Like Roydan, the philosophy of APS is to create systems with functions and features for the unique requirements of the customer. “We don’t believe in the one size fits all approach,” notes Jennifer Brummett, APS Vice President. “We understand that every business has different requirements, goals and objectives. It is our responsibility to modify our applications to fit each customer’s requirements,” she adds.

“Both Roydan and APS are dedicated to providing the best solutions for the customer,” notes Megan Manis, Roydan’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “Because of this, our customers never hear ‘It’s not my problem’ if a question or concern arises. Both Roydan and APS make customer satisfaction the main priority, and work together to find successful solutions for their debt collection requirements,” she adds.

“We see our affiliation with Roydan as a team approach. The relationship between our organizations is a seamless partnership,” Brummett notes. To that end, this is one vendor partnership that consistently succeeds in meeting the mutual goal of creating debt collection solutions that truly have the customer in mind.