what the lock

What It Means to Be a Team

The Roydan staff recently visited a local Manitowoc “escape room” (What the Lock) to learn some valuable lessons about operating as an effective team, a skill which is an important part of the Roydan culture.

We worked together in groups of six to seven individuals (three teams total) and had one hour to escape a locked room using only clues from within that space as well as our unique skills. While everyone put up a valiant effort, only one of the three teams was able to successfully escape their room within the allotted time.

The escape room experience taught us how each individual within our team plays an important role in our overall success. We saw how the specific job functions each of our co-workers brings to the Roydan customer were also beneficial in working towards the goal of escaping.

After the escape room experience, we headed back to the Roydan office to discuss what we learned about the strengths and weaknesses within the team during the experience. We discussed different personalities and problem-solving styles and how they contributed to our end goals in the escape room.

We were also able to translate the escape room experience into our daily work experiences at Roydan, and define how each member of our team contributes in an important way to achieve our corporate goal of providing our customers with the best debt collection software solutions. In addition to learning more about how we function as a team, our discussions allowed us to troubleshoot potential shortcomings so that we can serve our valued customers even better in the future.

In the end, we learned that here at Roydan we are more than just a random group of individuals thrown together in the hopes of producing something of value. Rather, we are a select team, each of whom was chosen because of how their skills and abilities benefit our customers.