The Best Year Ever!

Building on a Great Team

Our Roydan family continued to grow this year as we welcomed new faces to our team. In February, we were thrilled to add Ryan Manis as Roydan’s Chief Operating Officer. Ryan’s leadership and experience have served us very well over the past several months as we implement new standards of excellence to benefit our valued customers.

In addition to Ryan we also welcomed new faces to our support and development teams, bringing on Angie Bednarski and Steve Oswald. Both offer a unique perspective and skill-set to our customers, and both have a willingness to provide the very best possible experience and software solutions.

Finally, we said good-bye to long-time Customer Support Specialist Loan Nguyen, who had been a member of our family since 2008. Loan and her husband moved back to California to escape the Wisconsin winters and be closer to family.

Learning and Networking Opportunities

The debt collection industry is constantly changing. In order to provide the very best to our customers, we must do the same. At Roydan, we understand the value of the many conferences, webinars, and other learning opportunities that help us keep up our skills so that we can provide the very best software solutions for our customer’s needs. Conferences and expos are also a great time to reconnect with customers and hear first-hand how we can better serve them. This year our team was able to attend the ACA Spring Forum in Las Vegas, the GLCCA Annual Conference in Delavan, Wisconsin, the 2018 ACA Convention and Expo in Nashville, and ACA’s Fall Forum. We are thankful for the opportunities each of these events provided.

Serving Our Community

The phrase “it takes a village” is not just true in raising children. We believe it is a mantra that should be followed in every area of life. From family to work life, there are always opportunities to lend a helping hand to someone in need and use your gifts and skills to serve those around you. This year, we featured three such stories on our Roydan blog, but there are so many more that we did not capture. We thank Ryan Manis and Matt Menges for offering their skills as high school coaches, Kyle MacDonald for being someone’s “legs” for Team Triumph and Jeff Peterson for lighting up the skies in his hometown over the 4th of July. We also thank the many other Roydan team members who work tirelessly to make the lives of others just a little brighter.

Sharing our Expertise

In addition to giving back to our communities, we believe it is important to pay-it-forward with regard to our professional expertise. At Roydan, we encourage our team members to share their knowledge. We know that we can only get better through collaboration. This past March, Roydan’s James McCollum did just that as an instructor at the Northeast Wisconsin Developers Group’s Annual Code Camp. During this experience, he used his skills to help up-and-coming developers hone their own.

In May, our very own Dan Hornung was able to meet with key decision makers in Washington DC as part of the ACA Washington Insights Conference and share his insights on the credit and collection industry and the legislation that impacts what we do.

Providing the Best for Our Customers

In the end, everything we do at Roydan is to ensure our customers are successful. With that in mind, this past year Roydan underwent a Systems and Organizational Controls (SOC) examination. The exam (SOC 1), which took nearly 6 months to complete, demonstrates that we operate under sound business practices. Roydan will continue this certification process and hopes to be SOC 2 certified later this year.

One of the highlights of our year was the Roydan Open House, which took place in September. We were able to show our customers “where the magic happens” within our Roydan facilities, but more importantly it was a wonderful way to reconnect. We were thrilled to see so many of our industry friends and partners!

2018 is in the books and we look expectantly towards a bright 2019. We are thankful for the Roydan team members, vendor partners, and customers who shaped our story in 2018. We can’t wait to see what the new year holds and we look forward to sharing the journey with each of you!