Roydan Enterprises Returns from Another Successful ACA Convention and Expo

The event featured over 45 educational sessions, which provided a plethora of valuable information on regulatory concerns and industry trends and opportunities. But more than that, it gave us a chance to connect with our valued customer and vendor partners at our booth in the convention’s Expo area. We enjoyed the opportunity to catch up, hear about their business successes and learn more about how we can help them be even more successful.

In addition, we were able to share some of our latest software developments. And, all booth visitors walked away with a Roydan cup and delicious “Boston Mocktail” recipe.

The Roydan team was also able to meet with the CFPB and gain a better understanding of the organization’s structure. This gave us clearer picture of their expectations, questions and concerns when working with collection agencies. We believe this insider’s information will help us to better serve our customers when developing new software solutions.

One of the highlights of the event was a motivational message from former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neil. O’Neil, who is one of the most decorated combat veterans of our time, shared a motivating message entitled “Never Quit.” His address was a fitting mantra and message for the collections industry, which is inundated with constant challenges and change. We all walked away motivated and inspired.

Our trip was not all business. We were able to enjoy a few of sights, sounds and tastes of the fabulous city of Boston. If you are a history buff, there is a treasure trove of historical places to see. And, if you enjoy seafood, Boston offers fare that is about as fresh as it comes. Thanks ACA International for putting on another great event!