Americollect and Roydan – A Profile of a Successful Customer Relationship

Americollect, which started out in 1964 as the Manitowoc Collection Service & Credit Bureau, has seen a lot of changes over the years, but their debt collection software has remained consistent (Bloodhound) since they started using electronic notices in 1985. In 1995, the agency underwent a name change to Americollect in order to reflect its growth from a local to a national scale. To date, the agency employs over 245 team members and enjoys client relationships with over 70 hospitals and over 5000 physicians.

Gretz has been using the Bloodhound system exclusively since he started with Americollect. He notes that the relationship comes down to Roydan delivering exactly what he needs. “I like the relationship we have with Bloodhound…they have everything under the hood that everybody else does. I have found that Roydan offers all the needed functionality and so much more.”

One of the key reasons that the relationship works is because Roydan is so focused on giving the customers what they need to be successful. “They give us the tools to get the job done.” Gretz notes that they have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the Roydan programmers and explain their needs face-to-face. “They come and sit with us and really see how we work.” He believes that this is what separates Roydan from other software providers. They take the time to understand how collectors operate, what keystrokes they use and what would make them more efficient in doing their job. “If I can shave one or two percent of time savings off for every collector, that’s where it’s at,” Gretz indicates. “There is nothing magical about it. Simply put, it comes down to listening to the customer and giving them what they need.”

In addition to receiving the support of the Roydan programming team, Gretz notes that Roydan’s world class customer service department also goes the extra mile. He suggests that this is one way the he sees Roydan going above and beyond for his agency. “I would say the individual help that they have. You email or call support and the people there really do go above and beyond.” Gretz also indicates that Roydan offers a scalable solution to fit agencies of all sizes. “They really do have a product that is versatile. It is scalable to meet the needs of a growing collection agency. That is what makes the product so user friendly. They create the solutions to fit our changing needs.”

Gretz is quick to give advice to other collection agencies that are looking for a reliable debt collection software program “Definitely check out Bloodhound…they are reasonably priced and they have all the tools that everybody else has.” He also suggests the importance of due diligence when looking at software solutions. “Take a demo and do a side-by-side comparison, a checklist – and you will see that the Bloodhound product has everything you need.”

What it all boils down to is working with a software partner who takes the time to develop not only the necessary functionality within their programs, but also a strong relationship with the customer. Gretz notes that this is the best part of his relationship with Roydan, a relationship he likens to a great marriage. As he concisely states, “It just works!”

For more information on Americollect, visit their website.