Are You Looking For a Hero?

We are excited to share our “superpowers” with our valued customers at the ACA Annual Convention and Expo, coming up July 14-16 in San Diego at the Hilton Bayfront hotel. In addition to being a great way to reconnect with our valued customers, the convention and expo allows our team to learn more about what they need for continued growth and success.

The event also offers important opportunities to network with industry leaders and vendor partners, providing invaluable opportunities to learn more about the issues that agency owners face in an increasingly complicated legislative environment. We will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts and gain their insight on how compliance issues are impacting our customers.

Connecting with vendor partners is also an important part of the event. We believe that these partnerships allow us to provide our customers with the best possible “supercharged” product mix for their increasingly complex needs.

We are looking forward to gleaning some inspiration from keynote speaker and a “superhero” in her own rights, Carey Lohrenz. As the first female F-14 fighter pilot in the US Navy, Lohrenz’s kick off address is sure to provide convention attendees with insight into how to manage and even thrive in high pressure situations – just like a real superhero.

As our old pal Superman so aptly put it, “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” The Roydan team invites you to join us at booth 317 as we put on our capes and become superheroes for our clients’ needs and concerns.