Roydan Lends a Hand to Those in Need

The Help for the Homeless Drive allowed our team to collect a variety of cleaning and personal care items for at risk individuals in our community. The fundraising drive was overseen by the Fox Valley Family Radio Network with the goal of stocking the shelves at area crisis centers with cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items. Items donated to the initiative benefited centers right in our local community, including Hope House, which Roydan has worked with through other charitable drives.

“Because hygiene items and cleaning supplies are not covered through food stamps or other government subsidies, they can be difficult for those with limited resources to acquire. This is why drives like this are so important,” notes Roydan’s Chief Customer Officer, Megan Manis.

In addition to the Help for the Homeless Drive, the Roydan team also collected non-perishable food items for our local Salvation Army unit. “While many people donate to food pantries during the holiday season, food donations can be slower during other months of the year. We felt the first quarter was an ideal time to help keep the shelves full with donations from our team,” Manis shared.

These two recent drives continue to build the positive employee culture at Roydan. “Over the years, Roydan has been involved in a variety of activities to help create a healthy and positive team culture. Some have focused on helping our team get healthier, or create an enjoyable work environment, while others, like these two drives, give us the chance to give back to our local community, knowing what an important part it has played in Roydan’s history as well as our future,” Manis concludes.