Chris Warren Joins the Roydan Team

“My previous role prepared me for this position in several ways. I basically was the I.T. department for a collection agency, responsible for handling everything from programming and database management, to system and user support. Our company migrated to using Bloodhound in 2016, and I have been working with the Roydan team ever since,” Chris notes. In his new role, Chris will assist with the maintenance, development, and support of all of Roydan’s in-house and integrated third-party applications.

His previous work experience gave him an excellent understanding of both customer needs as well as the inner workings of the Bloodhound software solution. “I think that my prior experience working in the collection industry with users and various clients, as well as being a Roydan client, gives me a unique insight into customer needs and challenges from a technical standpoint. I hope to use my shared experiences to improve our products and processes.”

Chris values the team approach at Roydan, and suggests that this is one of the things that drew him to this new position. “I was very fortunate to have been presented with an opportunity to work with a talented group of individuals, doing what I love to do, in an ever-growing and changing environment. The challenge of learning new things and problem solving has always been both motivating and appealing to me,” he states.

If there is one thing that Chris wants to communicate to the Roydan customer, it would be his dedication to giving them the very best user experience. “Roydan’s customers should know that I am a committed and diligent individual, who understands their needs, and who will work hard to ensure they are provided with the best software experience.”

When Chris is not helping our dedicated software development team improve the customer’s experience, he enjoys reading, spending time with family, listening to music, and brushing up on the latest technological advances.

We look forward to the many contributions Chris will provide in developing software solutions that will benefit our valued customers. Won’t you join us in welcoming him to the Roydan family?

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