Roydan Continues to Lend a Hand in Difficult Times

According to the organization’s website, The Painting Pathways Clubhouse’s mission is to “empower adults with diagnosed mental illness by building community, supporting recovery and changing lives.” Roydan President Dan Hornung and his wife Anne Schuette became aware of this amazing organization through a friendship with Executive Director, Jennifer Schmoldt. “I knew Jennifer, and was aware of her leadership skills and passion for adults with diagnosed mental illness. In addition, supporting mental health needs in our surrounding area has always been very important to me,” Dan indicates.

Dan saw a need that he could fill when he toured the Clubhouse’s current location. “I instantly understood why they needed an improved facility. My skills as an engineer provided an opportunity to help facilitate the design and construction of a new building,” he reflects.

In addition to Dan’s personal connection with the non-profit, Roydan has also been involved in helping with fundraising efforts. This past July, we were able to lend a hand as a lunch sponsor for the organization’s fourth annual golf outing event. “It was a really fun and well-run afternoon, and we were also glad to sponsor a foursome for the day’s golfing event. All-in-all, it was a nice break from the current stressors that all of us are facing, and an opportunity to support a critically important cause,” Dan states.

According to Dan, in light of the pandemic, and the on-going construction project, programming at the Clubhouse’s current location has been scaled back a bit. However, the organization continues to do its best to support members through these trying times. “From a mental health aspect, the Clubhouse members and staff are addressing the isolation, stress, and anxiety that we all have experienced,” he indicates. With the new building scheduled to open in late October, the organization will be able to safely accommodate more members. “This new location is greatly needed, as we anticipate an increase in membership based on the mental health crisis that is accompanying the pandemic,” Dan states.

While we never anticipated that this was how the new decade would be ushered in, at Roydan, we are honored that we can play a small part in helping those who have been so profoundly impacted by the pandemic. If you are interested in learning more about Painting Pathways Clubhouse, please take a moment to visit their website or Facebook page.

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