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Giving Back to Our Community by Helping Kids Prepare for Back-to-School

At this time every year, parents get into back-to-school mode and head out to purchase classroom supplies for their children. What we sometimes forget is that there is a segment of the population in our community for which back-to-school preparation is a huge financial burden. Children are forced to go without the basic school supplies they need because it simply will not fit into the family’s tight budget. This is where Roydan saw an opportunity to step in and make a difference.

We are thrilled to again collect donations for the KAN Cool for School supply drive. KAN (Kids & Necessities) is a local non-profit that provides area children with back-to-school supplies through the KAN Cool for School supply drive. Roydan President Dan Hornung and his wife Anne have been volunteering with KAN Cool for School for several years. “At Roydan, we’re fortunate to have many great resources. But with this privilege comes a responsibility to give back. We’re honored to help KAN Cool for School serve the kids in our area and make sure they are well-equipped to start a new school year,” Hornung notes.

In addition to collecting supply donations, the Roydan team also is excited to lend a hand during the distribution of supplies. Dan and Anne participate in the event every year. “It’s heartwarming to see how something as simple as a backpack full of school supplies can make such a big impact. Not having the proper supplies can be a huge financial stressor for families. This program gives children a positive start to the year by providing things they need to be successful in the classroom,” he adds.

The Roydan team is privileged to play a small part in helping area children thrive in their academic pursuits.