Roydan Welcomes Student Intern Rosie O’Shea

This summer we are fortunate to have Public Relations intern Rosie O’Shea offering support services for our marketing department. Rosie will be a senior at UW-Green Bay this fall. She is pursuing a degree in Journalism with a Public Relations, Mass Media and Health Communications emphasis, and is set to graduate in the spring of 2018.

Rosie is passionate about media production and hopes to work behind the scenes in a television studio in the future. She feels fortunate that she has had the opportunity to be a part of the Roydan team this summer. “I enjoy the experience of working in a business setting,” she notes. “There is a lot of freedom here and I am glad for the chance to work hands-on in such a growing industry,” she adds.

“We feel fortunate to help young students get a taste of real-world work environments,” notes Megan Manis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Roydan. “Understanding what it is like to contribute in this type of environment is invaluable as college students look towards their future careers. We are glad that Rosie is able to be a part of the Roydan team this summer,” Manis concludes.