Winston Weinert Joins the Roydan Team

His educational experiences gave Winston a great foundation for his current role. In addition to being involved in IEEE-CS, the University’s student computer science organization, he also worked as a research assistant and contributed to a variety of open source projects. “When I started university I was already successful in my field, but it helped broaden my skill set and fill in some gaps. It also gave me a place to meet others in my professional field and share ideas and connections. The perspectives gained both as a student and employee at the educational organization gave me important experience to operate effectively in an organization,” Winston notes.

In his role with Roydan, Winston will be responsible for adding value to the Bloodhound platform through software improvements and bug fixes. Some of his typical tasks might include reviewing code developed by others and developing new product features to help the customer increase productivity and profitability. In addition to using his skills in an organizational capacity, Winston hopes to continue advancing the trend of reliability and stability offered by the Bloodhound platform.

When considering the opportunity at Roydan, Winston notes that it was attractive to him for a variety of reasons. “Roydan is small enough that everyone knows each other pretty well, yet large enough that everyone has distinct roles and responsibilities. We also use some cool technologies that I have interest in, such as .NET,” he replies.

When he is not helping meet the needs of Roydan’s customers, Winston has several outside interests including delving into a science fiction novel, contributing to open source software, and retro-computing. One unique hobby that keeps him busy is code golfing. This challenge requires participants to write the shortest program to achieve a given task.

Above all, Winston is looking forward to providing the very best software solutions for Roydan’s valued customers. Please join us in welcoming him to the team!