Roydan’s Joe Cohen Takes on New Role as Product Manager

Joe has served Roydan’s valued customers as a software developer for many years. In that time one of his key passions was to help create solutions that would allow them to be more effective in their jobs. “Over the years, Joe has served in the role of Product Manager in an unofficial capacity. His ability to hear the customer’s needs and translate that to workable software solutions has made him invaluable in this role,” notes Jason Gillman, Roydan’s Vice President of Technology Solutions. “Shifting his duties from a developer to an advocate for the customer will help us to continue designing products that will speak to their needs,” he adds.

Cohen believes that his new role will allow him to be the voice of the customer within Roydan. “I can more clearly address customers’ needs with our developers and make sure they are being heard,” he notes. While Roydan has always been about hearing the customer and meeting their needs, having an individual who is specifically filling this role will ensure that the customer is always being advocated for as new functionality is developed. “My job is to understand the industry, understand the customer and then help our developers to create functionality that speaks to both,” Cohen notes.

In the end, the purpose of the Product Manager role is to ensure that we never lose sight of who and what we are all about – the customer. If they are effective, then we have done our job!