Vendor Spotlight – JIVE Communications Builds a Customer-Friendly Product with the Help of the Roydan Team

What started as a software company back in 1999 has developed into one of the fastest growing VoIP companies in the United States. JIVE Communications had its humble beginnings creating software solutions for a variety of clients. What soon became clear to the organization’s leadership was that much of the work they were taking on was in the VoIP arena. This revelation quickly became the start of a new way to develop VoIP platforms, and has turned into unprecedented growth for the telephony developer and provider.

“We do things differently than other telephony providers because of our software background,” notes Tim Mahan, Channel Sales Manager for JIVE Communications. Mahan indicates that the organization’s software focus is a distinct advantage for the end-user, because JIVE’s VoIP solutions are created with them in mind. “We built our platform from the ground up. While many other VoIP providers contract with a third-party developer, we created a program that is user friendly instead of technician friendly. If there is a problem or something needs changing, the user is able to go in and make the adjustments on their own,” Mahan notes. This business focus means that JIVE’s technology does not require on-site hardware.  The user is able to set things up from their web interface.

This customer-friendly focus makes JIVE a perfect partner for Roydan Enterprises. “Like the Roydan team, our goal is to make things easy for the customer.” Mahan notes that the integration of JIVE and other software solutions with Roydan’s Bloodhound debt collection software is of great value to the customer because it simplifies things while increasing productivity.

Customer support is another similarity that Roydan and JIVE share. “It is a true pleasure to see how concerned the Roydan team is for their customer. Like Roydan, customer support is also paramount to our business model. Our main focus is to ensure that the customer has a good experience,” Mahan notes.

Roydan’s customer-centric focus also helps the JIVE developers to continue providing VoIP solutions that meet the needs of the end-user. “Roydan is really focused on making the best product for their customer. The attention they give to the customer’s needs is a key benefit to us in the development process because we are able to tailor our solutions to meet those requirements,” Mahan states. “In the end, this is what makes our relationship with Roydan such a valuable partnership,” he concludes.